Company Governance


Board of Directors

President - João Pedro Neves

Member - Cláudia Soutinho

Member - Joaquim Gonçalves


General Meeting Board 

President - Portuguese Business Association

Secretary - Lara Margarete Brás da Silva


Fiscal Council - term 2023-2025

President - Ana Alexandra Filipe Freitas

Effective Member - Rita Maria Gois de Carvalho

Effective Member - Daniel Filipe Moreira Lopes

Alternate Member - Luís Miguel Campos Dias Pereira


Official Auditor 

BDO & Associates - Official Auditors, Ltd. (BDO)


Shareholder Structure

The share capital of APDL, fully subscribed and paid up by the Portuguese State, amounts to €51,035,000, represented by 10,207,000 nominative shares in book-entry form, with a nominal value of €5 each. There are no preferential rights.

All shares representing the entire share capital of the company are owned by the State and held by the Directorate-General of the Treasury and Finance, which is responsible for exercising the State's shareholder function.


Social Participation

There are no individuals holding stakes in other entities.

The company currently does not hold any stakes in other entities.


Organizational Chart



Annual Reports

Quarterly Management Reports - 2020

Sustainability Policy

  • In the scope of its Sustainability Policy, APDL, aware of its responsibilities, commits to integrating principles of corporate sustainability into its business management strategy. It expects equal engagement from all economic agents operating in the Port of Leixões, with particular emphasis on the port concessionaire companies.

    Considering the crucial role that port concessionaire companies play in pursuing APDL's sustainability policy, this document sets forth the guiding principles of conduct that should guide all commercial relationships among economic agents interacting in our port space. These principles are structured around a set of strategic vectors for more sustainable joint action, namely:

    Ethical conduct in commercial relationships among all entities operating in the port;

    Cooperation to achieve excellence in service delivery;

    Compliance with legislation and regulations in environmental and occupational safety areas;

    Pursuit of good working conditions and personal fulfillment for all those working in the Port of Leixões.

    With this principles charter, APDL aims to strengthen relationships based on trust and transparency, fostering a spirit of cordiality and cooperation, and instilling a sense of social and environmental responsibility in the promotion and development of a Port of Leixões that is increasingly competitive.

    You can access the complete document through the following link:

    Principles Charter for Concessionaires

  • As part of its Sustainability Policy, APDL aims to proactively engage with its suppliers, encouraging them to adopt more sustainable management practices in economic, social, and environmental areas, establishing trust and cooperation that will lead to a more sustainable approach from both parties.

    This document includes fundamental guiding principles to promote the following objectives in the commercial relationship between APDL and its suppliers:

    Ethical relationship and effective exchange of information and communication between the parties;

    Ensuring the quality of products and services provided;

    Applying best practices in billing and payments;

    Compliance with legislation and regulations applicable to the activity, as well as occupational safety and environmental protection.

    You can access the complete document at the following link:

    Supplier Code of Conduct