Quality and Certification



In the second half of April 2017, APDL obtained new certification, according to the latest international reference (NP EN ISO 9001: 2015), in all services and business units, granted by Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance - an internationally recognized entity. The achievement of this latest goal, within the scope of the Quality Management System, results from a permanent audit and review and monitoring work, reflecting the continuous improvement of services, and was preceded by several stages, of which the following are highlighted:

  • In October 2016, the extension of the scope of Quality Certification was approved by the same certification, with the inclusion of two new Business Units (Port of Viana do Castelo and Via Navegável do Douro) and in compliance with the NP EN standard ISO 9001: 2008, applicable to all core business activity, business units to date newly integrated into the APDL structure;
  • On July 19, 2016 and on July 19, 2013, APDL renews the certification of its Quality Management System, according to the NP EN ISO 9001: 2008 standard, awarded by Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance;
  • Since July 2010, the company had the Quality Certification in accordance with the requirements of the NP EN ISO 9001: 2008 standard, granted by Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance, applicable to all services provided to the Ship, such as: Ship Management in Port, Piloting, Towing, Mooring, Protection and Safety, Collection of Waste, Hazardous Goods - HAZMAT and Hydrography.

APDL differentiates itself in the maritime-port and inland waterway sector, applying the best and most recent international practices in its management system (transversal to all the services of the various business units), thus promoting a Quality Policy of Commitment to the full satisfaction of all relevant stakeholders.