Logistic Platform

Today the conditions are right for your company to be efficient

The Port of Leixões Logistics Platform consists of two logistics centers, located in just outside the Port of Leixões (Municipality of Matosinhos), where modular and integral logistics warehouses are being developed.

Site 1 with 31 hectares will eventually comprise approximately 91,000 m² of logistics warehouses spread over 15 plots. Of these 15 plots, 8 allow a modular occupation and 7 an integral occupation.

Site 2 with 30 hectares will eventually comprise approximately 84,000 m² of logistics warehouses spread over 14 plots. Of these 14 plots, 9 allow a modular occupation and 5 an integral occupation.

In addition it will be constructed two office buildings on each pole, one to support drivers and other to support heavy vehicles.

Several companies or services could be installed in the main building such as customs, shipping companies, freight forwarders, banks, insurance companies, restaurants and others. The support building will be an asset for drivers, enjoying from a coffee shop, laundry, changing rooms and showers as well as parking for cars.

The value of this logistics platform is boosted mainly by its location next to the Port of Leixões, with all the clear strategic advantages that this offers. Access is also excellent to the Greater Porto motorway network, the airport and railways, very relevant issues for companies based in this location.