Communication: Entrance and clearance of ships at Leixões

The Port Authority of Leixões announces the following improvements regarding the entrance and clearance of ships at the Port of Leixões, which will come into force immediately.

According to the last risk reassessment made, we inform that the maximum accepted ship's mouth cannot exceed 32.3 metres (panamax type) for vessels mooring east of the Leixões Mobile Bridge:

  • LoA   +  B ext  =   255 metres

(LoA   =  Lenght  Overall)

(B ext  =  Breadth Extreme)

Any vessel with more than 215 meters of length should be proposed for evaluation to the respective services of this Port Authority, which will evaluate the remaining characteristics of the vessel and formalize its acceptance (vetting) and possible constraints to the manoeuvre.
Improvements have been implemented in the navigation aids system, both in port approaches and in interior docks, as follows:

Vessels leaving the port:

a)  No night navigation restrictions – All vessels docked at Dock 2 and Dock 4 North and at the South Container Terminal

b)  With daylight restrictions - Vessels docked at Dock 2 South with more than 200 metres of lenght

Vessels entrance:

With daylight restrictions – vessels with more than 190 metres of length

Remaining constraints remain in force. It is also informed that after an effectiveness of the new system trial period, a new reassessment will be carried out.