Film-Concert: The Shipwreck of Veronese

28th of July, 2017 - 10:00 pm - Guilhermina Suggia Square - FREE ENTRY

Sponsored by APDL – Administração dos Portos do Douro, Leixões e Viana do Castelo S.A. [Port Authority of Douro, Leixões and Viana do Castelo], the Matosinhos Jazz Orchestra lead by Pedro Guedes and Carlos Azevedo will give the World Première of "Soundless Coast", a piece written by Luís Tinoco for the film "O Naufrágio do Veronese" (1913) [The Shipwreck of the Veronese], produced by the Invicta Film, which witnessed the tragic wreck of the packet-boat Veronese near the Boa Nova beach, in Leça da Palmeira – Matosinhos.

In this Film-Concert, the Matosinhos Jazz Orchestra will play live with the projection of the original film from 1913 and a group of new short films inspired by this tragic accident that marked the history of cinema in Portugal. 

The Porto Symphony Orchestra - Casa da Música | Porto Music Hall will also participate with one of the most impressive jazz names in the world, the unique Gregory Porter. The American singer, who combines elements of jazz, blues, gospel and soul in his music, won two Grammy Awards in the category of Best Vocal Jazz Album, first with Liquid Spirit, in 2014, and most recently with Take Me to the Alley (2017). Considered by DownBeat as the likely jazz standards of the century, Gregory Porter's songs gain symphonic outlines in this collaboration with Orquestra Sinfónica, with arrangements by W. Friede, M. Fondse and T. Trapp, exploring the countless expressive possibilities of strongly emotional music. 


Orquestra Jazz de Matosinhos

Pedro Guedes conducting


Luís Tinoco: Costa Muda / O Naufrágio do Veronese (movie from 1913)

Carlos Azevedo: Dive / movie by Sandro Aguilar 

Ohad Talmor: First Étude / movie by Francisco Moura

Pedro Guedes: Cestas e Garras / movie by Tiago Guedes

Bernardo Sassetti: Pescaria / movie by Margarida Cardoso 

Mário Laginha: Leixões / movie by João Canijo 


July, 2017