Port Authority of Leixões signs contract with Abacus (Logistic Platform Management Company)

The Port Authority of Leixões signed a contract with the company that will manage the logistics platform Abacus.
During a period of five years, Abacus has the responsibility for managing the infrastructure and operation of the Leixões Logistics Platform, as well as the management of common services and specific services to be provided to all operators who will occupy those spaces. Is still in charge of the administrative management of the logistics platform. Abacus is also one of the companies that will engage in the sale of spaces available in the logistics platform .
The Leixões Logistics Platform has a total area of ​​about 70 ha, spread across two poles, offering modular spaces tailored to customer needs .
Pole 1 follows the work of urban infrastructures and will be in this area that will soon emerge the facilities for Zaldesa - Logistics Platform Salamanca, which will occupy part of a set of 15 lots .
Pole 2 is executing the construction of facilities for the company Luís Simões, who will occupy two of the 14 lots planned, comprising two warehouses of 10,000 m² each and a building for administrative functions and value-added operations with 1,500 m².
With a total investment estimated at 150 million euros, supported by the Port Authority with a loan contracted with the EIB European Investment Bank, it is intended that this platform will contribute to the efficiency of logistics chains undergo Leixões performing operations added value to the loads and achieving gains due to the synergy obtained by concentration of activity in a space infra- structured appropriately for the purpose.