Cruise visitors at Leixões grew 38% in the first semester

Porto Cruise Terminal was opened 3 years ago and wecolmed since then over 300.000 passengers and 426 cruises

In the first semester of 2018 the number of passengers using the port broke last year record having surpassed 50.000 visitors. The number of cruise visitors increased 38% over the same period of last year.

Porto Cruise Terminal as a cruise destination is going from strength to strength! Every year more and more cruise ships and cruise operators are choosing to visit the port. 2018 will be another record breaking year for the port as 106 cruise ship calls are already planned 18 of them new to the port and end year numbers are expected to be above 110.000 passengers. This will be a 5% rise in calls and 15% in passengers over last year numbers, which had been the best year ever for cruises at the Port of Leixões.

27% of the passengers visiting the Porto Cruise Terminal are from the UK, 14% from Germany and 9% from the USA.


July, 2018