Jurisdiction Area

The Port Authority of Douro, Leixões and Viana do Castelo (APDL, SA) is a joint-stock company with exclusively public capital. The mission of the APDL, SA is to manage the Douro, Leixões and Viana do Castelo ports and the inland waterway of Douro river, undertaking their economic exploitation,
conservation and development, including the powers assigned to the port authority.


Port of Leixões
The area under jurisdiction comprises the coastal strip of maritime public domain, from de point of Rua da Bélgica, at Praia de Lavadores, to the parallel of Boa Nova lighthouse, north of the Port of Leixões, besides the following areas:
The area of the Port of Douro which comprises the whole estuary of the River Douro, from 200 meters upstream Luis I bridge to the river mouth, including its margins and all the berths, quays, docks and available areas existing or to be built;
The area of the Port of Leixões which comprises the breakwaters, the sea area they limit and the docks existing or to be built, the course of the river Leça up to the old Guifões windmills bridge and the land area limited by the respective public domain.


Port of Viana do Castelo
The area under jurisdiction comprises the upstream recreational dock next to the city park and located on the north bank of the river Lima. It continues until the water surface adjacent to the marina, following by the riverbank to the old commercial dock, along with the tides dock warehouses.
It continues through the outer limit of the shipyards to the Praia Norte business park, following the Avenida do Atlântico to the north pier, heading south by the alignment of the mole until the lighthouse.
On the south bank, it begins at the Eiffel bridge, following along the national highway 13-5 (Avenida do Cabedelo) to the Cabedelo beach, which is 50 meters south of the south mole.


Inland Waterway of Douro River
Attributions and competences are executed within the public hydric domain and in maritime, river and land areas necessary to the exploration and management of the inland waterway of Douro river and for the implementation and maintenance of existing or ongoing works.
The whole Douro riverbed and its banks that are directly associated with and that are necessary to the existing or future infrastructures and equipment in order to support the navigation of the Inland waterway of Douro river and the waters of Douro river from the mouth of the river Águeda (an affluent of the left bank of the river Douro) to the respective bar, as well as the affluent of this section of Douro river to the profile in which the riverbed of this affluent is equal to the maximum level of normal retention of the reservoir of Douro river in which this affluent flows, including locks and mooring berths.
The river accesses to mooring berths and to manoeuvring areas, embankments
adjacent to port areas and land accesses connecting municipal
and national routes.