The Technology

Eco Wave Power (EWP) technology is clean, smart and simple. In practice, it involves floats (designed as small vessels) attached to man-made structures such as piers, breakwaters and other structures.

The floats rise and fall with the movement of the waves, producing clean electricity that is fed into the grid for use by citizens. Consumers receive clean electricity in their homes generated directly from the waves.

The technology creates no noise pollution, has no significant visual impact, and allows the huge and voluminous existing breakwaters to be used as a source of clean electricity - and until now, only to hold back ocean waves.

This innovative technology puts (EWP) at the forefront of wave energy and has enabled us to successfully harness wave energy as a renewable and clean source of electrical power.

This project has important technological advantages, among which the use of an environmentally friendly, safe, reliable and profitable energy source stands out.


How does EWP technology work?



1. Float - The float moves with the movement of waves

2. Piston - Wave motion moves a piston, compressing the hydraulic fluid

3. Accumulator - The accumulator stores the compressed fluid

4. Hydraulic Motor - When the compressed fluid is released, the energy drives a hydraulic motor

5. Generator - A hydraulic motor drives an electric generator, producing clean electricity

6. Hydraulic fluid tank - Hydraulic fluid returns to the tank, where it is stored until the next wave.