Messages in the South Mole

In the coming weeks, the south mole of the Port of Leixões will reveal a set of sentences created from recyclable material. This is a work project of Rui Loureiro, a designer and publicist, currently finishing his Masters in Art and Design for the Public Space of the School of Fine Arts, University of Porto.


After an initial investigation and using methods of observation, assessment, inventory and narrative inquiry, Rui Loureiro intended with this project to "draw an affective extension of the south mole by the heart of the city of Matosinhos. The concerns of pedestrians will lead to narrative elements of communication, making the wall a confluence of multiple expressions. Messages, statements and interpellations, will be assembled and renewed periodically along the south mole wall, turning it into a mural and thus activating his personality."

Rui Loureiro is graduated in Communication Design by FBAUP, worked in advertising communication with several agencies of Porto city and created the "Corta" ("Cut"), an International Festival of Short Films focusing the port. He has also been involved in several exhibitions and is responsible for the "22 useful days" blog.

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