Board of Directors
Guilhermina Rego
Board Member - Nuno Araújo
Board Member - Cláudia Soutinho

Board Member - Joaquim Gonçalves

Board Advisory

  • Advisory and Project Management
  • Internal Audit and Quality Control
  • Purchases and Contracts
  • Geographic Information Systems
  • Office of Institutional Relations and Domain Management of the Port of Viana do Castelo

  • Douro Waterway

    • Navigation and Promotion Control of Douro Waterway

    • Infrastructure Management and Monitoring of Douro Waterway

    • Domain and Administrative Management of Douro Waterway


Commercial, Marketing and Cooperation

  • Cruises

Human Resources

  • Social Welfare Division
  • Personnel Management and Occupational Health
  • Training


Office of Study and Planning

  • Study and Data Analysis
    • Statistics


Works and Equipment

  • Works Division
  • Works and Conservation
  • Electricity and Maintenance
    • Maintenance - Port of Viana do Castelo
  • Logistic Platform


Port Operations and Safety

  • Pilotage, Planning and Navigation Control

    • Pilotage - port of Viana do Castelo

  • Fleet Management and Maritime Operations

  • Cargo Handling Control


Information Systems Department

  • Information and Processes
  • Systems and Technology


Financial Department

  • Financial Management and Control Division
  • Accounting and Budgetary Control

Legal Affairs Office and Domain Management