Leixões welcomes cars from Wolkswagen Autoeuropa

12 years after the Port Authority of Leixões back to welcome cars from Autoeuropa  

APDL Port Authority is about to ship 700 vehicles from WOLKSWAGEN AUTOEUROPA and expresses its satisfaction with Autoeuropa's confidence in the port and in the port operators. Until the end of this year, Leixões expect to be able to park about 5.000 vehicles in the Leixões Logistic Platform.

"This new service will add value to Leixões and to the country, which will see its export capacity strengthened.  It is equally important for Autoeuropa, which finds in our port an efficient option to export its production" (APDL).

The Port of Leixões is the main Portuguese port in Roll-On/Roll-Off Cargo. In 2017, Ro-Ro Cargo at Leixões grew 18% with the handling of more than 1 Million tons of commodities.


November, 2018