In compliance with the ISPS Code (International Ship and Port Facility Security code), the Port Authority of Douro and Leixões submitted its Port Facility Security Plans to the approval of the IPTM (the Port and Maritime Transports Institute) in order to gain the required certification.

Prior to the IPTM's verification, all the Port Facility Security Plans were approved and the corresponding Statements of compliance issued.

The following chart identifies the 7 installations of the Port of Leixões certified by the competent national authority for the maritime security (IPTM):

Facility Security Plan
Port Operators Identification Nr. Designation IMO no. Y/N Statement No.(certification) ISPS Certification issued by:
APDL (1) Passenger Terminal PTLEI-0005 Yes 872 IPTM
APDL (2) Roll-on/Roll-off Terminal PTLEI-0006 Yes 865 IPTM
APDL (3) Solid Bulk - Dock 1 South PTLEI-0001 Yes 864 IPTM
APDL (4) Multupurpose Terminal (South Mole) PTLEI-0007 No --- ---
APDL (8) Cruise Terminal PTLEI-0013 Yes 887 IPTM
Petrogal, SA (5) Oil Terminal PTLEI-0004 Yes 858 IPTM
TCL, SA (6) Containers Terminal PTLEI-0002 Yes 885 IPTM
TCGL, SA (7) Break-bulk and Solid-bulk Terminal PTLEI-0003 Yes 848 IPTM