Export Containers Reception

Dear Users of the Port of Leixões,

Due to the South Container Terminal (TCS) Reconversion works, which requires a more efficient management of the storage space available in terminal, YILPORT Leixões is compelled to adopt contingency measures to ensure normal operation of the Container Terminal and its fluidity, either in the ships that call the Port of Leixões turnaround time or in the road and rail transport clearance.

Therefore, YILPORT Leixões will inform, by 4:00 p.m. of each working day, the list of ships for which the Terminal will receive export containers.

Thus, from 08:00 a.m. on the 13 of July and according to the ships estimated time of arrival to Leixões, the reception of export containers for the following ships is authorised:

. CONMAR ELBE , ESC202001538
. ENSEMBLE , ESC202001555
. LAGOA , ESC202001468
. HANSA NEUBURG , ESC202001384
. WEC VAN GOGH , ESC202001534
. MONTE DA GUIA , ESC202001546
. RUTH , ESC202001551
. MAZARINE , ESC202001540
. WILHELM , ESC202001475
. STEFAN SIBUM , ESC202001556
. FUNCHALENSE 5 , ESC202001457
. PINARA , ESC202001478
. CONMAR AVENUE , ESC202001421
. NORDICA , ESC202001434
. MAX STABILITY , ESC202001545
. WEC BRUEGHEL , ESC202001539
. AURETTE A , ESC202001411
. NEXO MAERSK , ESC202001426
. GRANDE AFRICA , ESC202001520

If the arrival / work forecast of the ships at Leixões changes, YILPORT Leixões will adjust the authorisation in accordance with those changes.

Likewise, YILPORT Leixões informs that the transfers of containers between export calls and consequent extra moves in terminal are subject to the tariffs in force.

Finally, and so that changes in procedures meet the objectives.