Mission Statement

Vision, Mission and Values

The mission of the company reflects the reason for being of APDL, its motivations and its internal and external audience.

Our Mission is:

Develop and achieve the best integrated logistics solutions for our customers and partners. Promote a more efficient and robust multimodal logistics system (port, rail and river), focused on decarbonization and energy transition.


The Vision reflects an ambition that goes beyond the company itself and involves all actors regarding the provision of services associated to the movement of vessels and cargos, intended to work as a motivating, cohesion and coordination factor of all those who are interested and involved in the port business:


To be the best port and logistics complex on Europe's Atlantic coast, focusing on the environment, technology and resilience.


  • Sharing, articulation and integration of infrastructures, infostructures and skills between APDL business units
  • Leadership in sustainability and innovation
  • Customer orientation and systematic attitude of excellence, aligned with the quality management system and strategic objectives
  • Ethics, loyalty and pride of belonging to the company
  • Motivation and recognition of the merit of employees
  • Reliability, safety and safeguarding the environment in operations
  • Value creation and financial sustainability
  • Full exercise of port authority oriented to the public interest
  • Integration with the surroundings and promotion of regional development