Strategic Aims



The Strategic Goals result from the mapping of the company's strategy and the infrastructures it manages, in four main themes: Customer and Market Orientation, Port Competitiveness and Logistics, Value Creation and Financial Sustainability, and Sustainability and Envelope:

  • Reinforce the Dynamics of Sustainable Development and the Institutional Image
  • Increase Economic Profitability and Ensure Balanced Financial Structure
  • Boost business and strengthen competitive positioning
  • Intensify Intermodality and Logistics Integration
  • Stimulate Innovation and Consolidate the Quality of Services Provided
  • Enable the Port System
  • Ensure Quality, Compliance, Planning and Risk Management
  • Improve operating, safety and environmental conditions
  • Improve Process Efficiency and Internal and External Articulation
  • Improve levels of competence and motivation, alignment and sharing of internal knowledge

For these 10 Strategic Objectives, indicators, targets and managers have been defined so as to allow their monitoring and follow-up, which is carried out through monthly meetings (AGM - Monthly Management Assessment) of the Board of Directors with the first line managers, with using the Balanced Scorecard methodology.