With approximately 2000 years of history, Porto, the city which gives the famous wine its name, invites you to a delicious gourmet.

The city is a living museum. Its history can be told through its monuments and buildings which have been drawing the city over the years. A city that was recognized as World Heritage by UNESCO, in 1996.

Porto is the first city to be considered the Best European Destination, for the second time, by European Consumers Choice.

After having been awarded in 2012, Porto was once again awarded with such recognition and was named Best European Destination 2014.

From its medieval houses, the baroque richness of lining their churches, to the tiles that give colour to the facades, lingering in the works of authors like Nazoni and Eiffel, or more recently, Rem Koohlass or Siza Vieira, you will most certainly experience one of the most enriching moments of your visit.

Make a tour along the promenades by the sea, board a Cruise vessel on the River Douro, make a visit to the Port Wine Cellars, play in the golf course or taste a great delicacy in one of the many restaurants in Matosinhos.

But if you can go further, the Porto and North of Portugal is waiting for you...

If you seek culture and history, you won't be disappointed with the great historical centres that dot the Region, most of it of medieval origin.

Here the vegetation is abundant and the green colour dominates throughout the whole year. Here, even the wine is Green! Come and try it…!

The Douro Valley, equally a World Heritage Site, dazzles anyone with its humanized landscape. The Port Wine, known worldwide, brands its landscape and culture in a unique way. In one of the many "Quintas do Douro" (Douro Farms) you can taste the different qualities of wines, learn its special characteristics and how it is done.

The cuisine of the Northern Portugal is one of the richest and most varied of the country. A region of traditional flavours, the North invites visitors to try out its finest dishes, served with exquisite wines and complemented by sophisticated desserts.

On your way back to the port of embarkation, you will have the chance to make a wonderful trip through spectacular landscapes, rivers, waterfalls and a magical feel throughout. Away from mass tourism and big crowds, this is a region still to be discovered.