Porto Cruise Terminal

The Porto Cruise Terminal (South Cruise Terminal) is the largest project ever for the opening of the Port of Leixões to the city and an important gateway of the region. It is situated at the South Mole of the Port of Leixões, just 3 Km from the city of Porto. Since April 2011, the new pier with 340 metres of length has received the biggest and the most glamorous cruise ships from the worldwide cruise fleet, boosting the cruise tourism in the North of Portugal region. With this new pier, the Port of Leixões became able to receive cruise ships of larger dimensions, up to 300 metres long. Since the opening of the new pier, the number of cruise ship calls and passengers at this port has been significantly increasing. 



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Besides that, the main building also comprises the Science and Technology Park of the Sea of the University of Porto, which includes the Maritime Research Centre in the New Cruise Terminal Building (occupying the basement ground, 2nd and 3th floor). This Park of Science and Technology focused in the Resources of the Sea managed by the University of Porto and is integrated in a recognized Strategy for Collective Efficiency, with the Ocean XXI Association for Research and Maritime Economy and the Cluster of the Creative Industries of the Northern Region.





The new Porto Cruise Terminal is located at the south mole of the Port of Leixões and comprises:

  • Cruise Quay

      Total quay length: 340 m
      Depths: – 10m (ZHL)
      Maximum ship dimension: 320 m mooring
      Pilotage compulsory (for entry and leaving)
      No limit for ship stay
      ISPS compliance

  • Passenger Station building, located in the central building of the complex, with several amenities for transit cruise liners or turnaround cruise vessels. With no limit capacity for passengers in transit and with capacity for 2,500 passengers in turnaround.
  • River-sea Quay for the mooring of vessels that will provide tourist routes in the River Douro.
  • Nautical Recreational Port for 170 vessels and essential support services for vessels as well as convenience areas and support facilities for sailors.
  • Parking areas for coaches and vehicles, along the pier and indoor parking.


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