Porto Cruise Terminal has been recognized as one of the most modern cruise terminals in the world

Porto Cruise Terminal has been recognized as one of the most modern, luxurious and beautiful cruise terminals in the world, by Cruise News Media Group, a Spanish marketing and communication publishing company 100% focused on cruise tourism industry.

In this article, published two days ago, Cruise News, besides having contemplated the Porto Cruise Terminal in a restricted set of the best Cruise Terminals in the World, illustrated the article with the image of Porto Cruise Terminal. The set of terminals listed in the article is composed by the Shanghai International Cruise Terminal, in China, The Canada Place Terminal, in Vancouver, the new terminal A from the Royal Caribbean, in Miami, Terminal 18, in Fort Lauderdale, both  in the USA, The Kai Tak Terminal, in Hong Kong,  the Marina Bay Cruise Centre, in Singapura and the Osanbashi Terminal, in Yokohama, in  Japan


We are  committed to make the Porto Cruise Terminal, itself, an excellent experience for your passengers, crews and ships. Click to watch video


The Porto Cruise Terminal is also the entrance to Porto, the first European city to be considered three times as Best European Destination and served by one of the best international airports in Europe, accessible through a number of different air routes.


Great goals in this beginning of 2018!


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