Porto Cruise Terminal Welcomed 100 cruise calls in 2017


Cruise activity at the Porto Cruise Terminal recorded a new historical high in 2017. The port has welcomed 100 cruise calls, which brought a record-breaking number of almost 96.000 cruise passengers to Porto. These numbers represents an increase of 19% in cruises and an increase of 33% in cruise passengers over the same period of last year. It was also the first time the Porto Cruise Terminal welcomed 100 cruise calls in a single year.

In addition, 12 cruise ships were new to the port thereby demonstrating the sustained confidence that operators have in port.

The size of ships visiting the port has also increased 34% compared to the same period of last year. 28 cruises out of 100 calling the port during this year had a length exceeding 250 meters, more than double those recorded last year. 

Compared with 2011, the opening year of the Porto Cruise Terminal's new pier, cruise calls increased 80% and passengers raised 128%. Since its opening in April of that year, the new pier has hosted 252 cruise ship calls bringing more than 360.000 passengers.

Next year, forecasts point out a further increase of about 20% and 12 more cruises will visit the Porto Cruise Terminal for the first time. New cruise companies will also start operations next year, such as the Royal Caribbean International, the Norwegian Cruise Line and the Mediterranean Shipping Company, which will be the first cruise company with a turnaround operation at Leixões during the inaugural call of MSC Magnifica in March.

December 2017