Construction Works on Porto Cruise Terminal proceeding at a good pace

Construction of the Porto Cruise Terminal in Leixões is in its final stage with completion due by September next year. The pier has been in operation since April 2011 and is able to accommodate the largest vessels in the fleet, boosting cruise tourism in Porto and the north of Portugal.
Changing the look of the seafront, the terminal will be equipped with a technologically innovative solution that uses seawater as the base of the building's air conditioning. It gives high performance in the production of cooled and heated water and will control the temperature and humidity levels of the passenger terminal. 
With the conclusion of this important work the forecasts point to a considerable growth of cruise tourism in Leixões, mainly turnaround cruises. This meets with the strategy developed by the Port Authority for international affirmation of Leixões as a cruise port.
This project, designed by the architect Luis Pedro Silva, with a total investment of 49 million euros, was financed by the ON.2 – O Novo Norte - North Portugal Regional Operational Programme 2007/2013 -  Specific Objectives Economic Development of new uses of the Sea, Priority Area II – Economic valorization of Specific Resources.