Intervention Areas

To stimulate and promote the ports' of Douro, Leixões and Viana do Castelo port activity;
To ensure the regular functioning of the ports of Douro, Leixões and Viana do Castelo, in what concerns its economic, financial and assets fields, as well as the management of the staff and of the port operations;
To grant licences or concessions in areas under the port's jurisdiction;

To license the port activity and yield public the concession of public port services;
To establish and collect taxes due to port use and its respective services;
To supervise and control the public use of the services inherent to the port activity;
To expropriate, for public utility, occupation of land, implementation of layouts and thoroughfares necessary for the ports' expansion or development.
To promote and to encourage Inland waterway of Douro river navigation;
To Promote and to encourage navigation activities, disseminating its image among economic agents, managing resources and contributing to the development of Douro region;
To develop and to maintain infrastructures and equipment intended to ensure Inland waterway of Douro river navigation and the use of port facilities;
To manage assets in its jurisdiction area;
To coordinate interventions of other public or private entities with impact in the Inland waterway of Douro river.